Regraki Morocco satisfie just reaching the World Cup semi-finals

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Regraki: “Morocco won’t be satisfie just reaching the World Cup semi-finals.”

Morocco national team manager Walid Regraki Confirm.

That they aim to make history in reaching the end of this World Cup .

The Atlas Lions are about to play in the World Cup semi-finals. In which they are the first nations from the African continent to come to this round, meeting with the “former champion” like France. 

“Why can’t we get to the World Cup final? We will go into the semi-finals with great passion. Coming to the World Cup. This time come change the memory. The idea of ​​football in Africa.”

“Before playing in every game in the World Cup. We will be people thinking we will eliminate. And we are getting closer to our dreams. We will fight to reach the goal.”

“If you come and say it’s a semi-final it’s already very good. I disagree We won’t just satisfie with the semi-finals. And it was the first nation on the continent to reach this round. we want to go on You might think we’re crazy. We are hungry for success. I want Africa to reach the top of the football world. I know that our team is not a favorite. We have beaten many top teams. This is a football tournament. Where if you wish Commitment and support from the fans You can a winner. The upcoming game is definitely more difficult. Because they former champions world class players. Have a great coach Maybe the best team in the world.

Morocco is the only nation in this World Cup that hasn’t conceded a goal to their opponents thanks to their opponents’ goals. They only conceded 1 goal from an own goal. And throughout the care of the Moroccan national team of Regaki, the team has not lost a single game. In which he has managed the team for a total of 8 games