Messi is confident that Argentina good enough “world champion”.

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Messi is confident that Argentina good enough to reach the “world champion”.

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s number one star Confidently say. They are strong enough to reach the World Cup title in the 2022 World Cup.

Argentina qualified for the final as the first team at the 2022 World Cup. After beating Croatia 3-0, with Messi scoring one goal. One assist in this game And gave Argentina another chance to win the World Cup. Since the last time they reach the final in 2014. With Argentina scoring three goals from this game. Messi’s penalty and two goals from Julian Alvarez.

“This team has reached another level of strength. It’s a team that plays football smartly. We know how to read our opponents every moment on the pitch. We are known to be patient in times of need. Hold the ball when it’s time to have it, play pressing, win the ball back. We know how to read games and we have a great technical team who know what they have to do. And it’s the magic of football. We know what we have to do at any stage of the game.

Argentina started the World Cup with a disappointing defeat to Saudi Arabia in their opening game before ramping up their winning streak to the present day. Messi admits that the “failure of the season” was a disappointment. That defeat caused them great pain.

“The first game was painful. Because we were unbeaten for 26 games. Before that game. It’s a hard thing to accept. We don’t think we will lose to Saudi Arabia. But in the end we prove how strong we are. By winning every game in the past And each game is extremely difficult. It was no different from the final.

“This team has been to five different finals and we have won every time. I hope it will happen again in the World Cup finals.”