Liverpool target Kefren Thuram snucktargets secretly like Mac Allister news

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Liverpool target Kefren Thuram snucktargets secretly like Mac Allister news

Liverpool target Kefren Thuram snuck into social media the recent news of Alexis Mac Allister leaving.

Tier 1 journalist Fabrizio Romano โปรโมชั่น ufabet reports. That the Reds have reached an agreement with the Brighton midfielder and are close to an official release. It is expected that everything will complete. Before he flies to the Argentina national team during FIFA Day.

The news went viral in no time and an Instagram account with the name 433 shared the news, and it turned out that Nice midfielder Kefren Thuram had liked it. In the account name K_Thuram as well

The 22-year-old has link with Liverpool, with the possibility that he is also monitoring the situation of the English team. There is also Manu Kone, a midfielder from Borussia Monchengladbach. That is also a target for Jurgen Klopp, both of whom have a combined value of approximately 53 million pounds in the transfer market this summer.

‘Thuram the Little One’ Kefran Thuram, the Sun Shines Another fruit that fell under the family tree of the great footballer.

Because of being a football player, Kefren has to travel all the time. He was born in Italy, grew up in Spain, played for France. And speak English fluently. Because he was sent to study at an American school in Paris.

“The school teaches us to be confident. They say we are all good and don’t be afraid to be one.” 

Hence Kephren – named after Pharaoh Kephren of Egypt. Has a meaning in French that “The rising sun from the horizon” – full of self-confidence. and a good education keeps him always curious. 

In addition to hobbies that like listening to music Reading was one of his favorite things to do. Kefren said that the latest book he read was ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’, a work by Richard Bach. That inspired him to continue improving himself.