‘Haaland’ says the more criticism he gets, the better.

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland confirms if people say he had a bad season He was ready to accept. Ready to point out that the more critics there are, It’s even better for himself,

even though Haaland defends his Golden Boot award for the English top flight. But the number of goals scored has dropped from 36 to 27 in the first season and has led to criticism comparing it to League Two players

after celebrating the championship after Sunday’s season-ending match. The 23-year-old Norwegian responded to the criticism he received: “The more critics and critics, For me, it’s only better.”

“If someone said that this season It’s been a bad season for me. I’m ready to accept it… It’s been a bad season. Therefore, next year will only be better.

“The Blues” have been fighting for the championship ufabet http://ufabet999.app with Arsenal all season and Haaland also revealed more. At the time they were confident they would succeed their London rivals

. “The win at Spurs gave us the start to knowing we were going to be champions, but the Premier League is more difficult than you might expect. And every game is close to the final.

“You can’t relax even with 45 minutes left. Pep demands a lot from everyone. And if unable to meet expectations You prepare to be in big trouble.”

“It’s a competition until the last day. You must give credit to your competitors as well. They gave us a very difficult time. But once again, City showed how to win the championship. “

Not everyone understands the difficulty of winning the Premier League, so to do it four times in a row is amazing. And I’m proud to be a part of it.”

“Winning the Golden Boot again. It is very special for me. Thanks to all my teammates and staff who helped me win this award. including the football fans who support I will always enjoy celebrating goals with you!”